I have to admit I feel a little dirty rooting for the AL team in the World Series, but I’m still looking for my revenge on the Cardinals beating up yet again my Padres. It’s such a bastardization of baseball to me. NL is like chess and AL is like checkers. There is so much less strategy involved. Too many professional hitters. I like seeing a weaker line up. I like seeing a manager struggle with later innings decisions. Should he pinch hit for the strong glove/weak stick man in hopes of a big hit off the bench? Will that decision bite the manager in the butt as the game progresses? All the AL manager has to be aware of whether or not his pitcher is out of gas. Where’s the skill in that? All he has to do is see the juiced up speed of the radar gun to realize his pitcher is starting to slow down. He doesn’t even really have to look at the pitcher. What do these guys do in the dugout? I guess they may have to decide on the occasional defensive substitution in later innings, but not much more then that. Would anybody like to explain to me their love of the AL style of play?