If there was any justice in the world J. D. Drew won’t be overpaid by another team and will ruin the confidence all players have in Scott Boras creating once again a better market for teams not willing to overpay for premium talent. Unfortunately Drew fits the description of what the Padres want in a left fielder, but I’m hoping they give a chance to Ben Johnson rather then overpay with the new found money they have found with Klesko & Park no longer eating up 30 million. The problem with Drew in my opinion is his seemingly lack of desire to play. I read an article in mid September where Drew was talking about how he was banged up and needed a break. While he was spouting this hurt the team a little help them a lot later mentality, Kent and Garciaparra were being massaged and taped ready to hobble out and play. There would be no breaks for them if the Dodgers were going to have a chance to win the West or the Wild Card. Who knows if Drew toughed it out maybe they would have won the west and had home field for the first round at least. The other thing and this is why I take more of a management stance, they get paid well. They get paid well to do something I would almost do for free. I could live off of the per diem they give out alone and have no problem flying on private charters and first class hotels. They don’t deserve to get paid as much as they do with perks included. I do think they should be compensated well enough where they don’t need to take on a winter job and can train year round, but when you’re as uninterested in the game as Drew seems to be, why should you even be allowed to play much less have raked in 11 million last year. I hate my job and probably won’t make that in my lifetime. Drew you want to trade jobs?