August 2008

From The San Diego Union:

“The Padres & reliever Heath Bell’s agent are discussing a multi-year contract, both the club & Bell said Thursday. The Padres control Bell’s rights for up to four more years; Bell said he wants a three-year deal & would be happy to continue setting up closer Trevor Hoffman, who is eligible for free agency in November. “I’d like to stay in San Diego,” Bell said. “I’ve got a wife & three kids & would like to know I’m going to be here. It’d be nice to know there’s no chance of being traded this winter.” Bell, 30, is eligible for first-time salary arbitration. If talks are fruitless, he said he’d be comfortable with allowing an arbitrator to set his 2009 salary.

“I came from no money,” he said. “I was undrafted & signed for $1,000. I’d played one year of varsity baseball, walked on to my JUCO team. If I have to wait, I’ll do that.” General Manager Kevin Towers, who declined specific comment, has said Bell ultimately could succeed Hoffman. It’s not unusual for clubs to structure a set-up reliever’s contract so that his pay rises if he starts to pile up saves.”

I’m sure the union is hating him for these comments, but instead of “It’s a business” (I’m eyeing you Teixeira!) I wish more players would realize how good they have it and say what Heath Bell did,

“I came from no money,” he said. “I was undrafted & signed for $1,000. I’d played one year of varsity baseball, walked on to my JUCO team. If I have to wait, I’ll do that.”


I know the fervor has died down about the Brian Giles vetoing a trade to a contender, but in his defense (and I wish more players did it) when a player has a specific team no-trade clause, theres a reason. As you can tell with the exception of Boston & Detroit it looks like he chose some of (at the time of the contract) worst teams in baseball. The other teams were Baltimore, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Florida, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Washington. That was a specific town he did not want to play in. Apparently he had no problems being traded to either New York team or Chicago teams or Philly (because you know those are easy laid back towns like San Diego where their fans are so nice to EVERYONE friend or foe alike) so sorry all mighty center of the universe Red Sox fans Giles didn’t want to play for you. I’m glad, he’s one of the few players that plays well (as you can tell by my previous post) Oh well in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, after all theyre an American League team, they don’t even play real baseball. Yeah I had to get that dig in there!

I admit it. I get bored writing my thoughts down + I have a girlfriend and limited time to do anything with her, much less by myself. I’m too busy to write at work, which bums me out, because if my work ethic is right on, I should never be busy!

Anywhos, I thought after getting a chance to watch a 3 game series against the Giants I would vent.

The Giants, how can any team lose 2 of 3????? If anything this year, playing the Giants meant a free win. We’ve only won 3 of 9!!!!! After all the shit talking I did in the office over the winter. At first all these Giants fans mocked me, now they just look at me and say, “Don’t worry, the season’s almost over, you’ll be out of your misery soon.” Ugh, that is sad.

Luckily I spoke to Crash a couple of months back and proclaimed my allegiance to the Rays. They almost did it right. Another decade of losing and they might have been my new permanent team after this season. Unfortunately, I’m still a Padres fan. I’m so glad I didn’t drop 150+ bucks on the MLB package this year. I would have been heartbroken. In getting the few chances I’ve had to catch Padres games it amazes me that Giles seems to know the situation and play the game right. If there’s a guy on 3rd with less then 2 outs, he attempts to poke it in to right field. Almost all the other Padres? Swing for the fences boys!!! All the players complain about the park, it’s a great hitters park. Try hitting for the gaps as opposed to the seats fellas!

I almost dropped Crash a text today to see what it’s like to root for a team that, you know wins. Then I saw Baseball Tonight and figured I would not be so cruel to bring that up after a sweep from the Astros.

Am I rambling? Yes, but the frustration needed to be vented. Ok all of 2 people that may have read this (and one of them being Crash), let’s see if I can write a little sooner then 18 months.