I know the fervor has died down about the Brian Giles vetoing a trade to a contender, but in his defense (and I wish more players did it) when a player has a specific team no-trade clause, theres a reason. As you can tell with the exception of Boston & Detroit it looks like he chose some of (at the time of the contract) worst teams in baseball. The other teams were Baltimore, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Florida, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Washington. That was a specific town he did not want to play in. Apparently he had no problems being traded to either New York team or Chicago teams or Philly (because you know those are easy laid back towns like San Diego where their fans are so nice to EVERYONE friend or foe alike) so sorry all mighty center of the universe Red Sox fans Giles didn’t want to play for you. I’m glad, he’s one of the few players that plays well (as you can tell by my previous post) Oh well in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, after all theyre an American League team, they don’t even play real baseball. Yeah I had to get that dig in there!