Boston Red Sox

I know the fervor has died down about the Brian Giles vetoing a trade to a contender, but in his defense (and I wish more players did it) when a player has a specific team no-trade clause, theres a reason. As you can tell with the exception of Boston & Detroit it looks like he chose some of (at the time of the contract) worst teams in baseball. The other teams were Baltimore, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Florida, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Washington. That was a specific town he did not want to play in. Apparently he had no problems being traded to either New York team or Chicago teams or Philly (because you know those are easy laid back towns like San Diego where their fans are so nice to EVERYONE friend or foe alike) so sorry all mighty center of the universe Red Sox fans Giles didn’t want to play for you. I’m glad, he’s one of the few players that plays well (as you can tell by my previous post) Oh well in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, after all theyre an American League team, they don’t even play real baseball. Yeah I had to get that dig in there!


Well, it looks to me like my astute partner picked up on something. Now that the Red Sox substantially overbid for Daisuke Matsuzaka they will be under that much more at the mercy of Scott Boras for whatever he wants. Clearly the Sawx have committed to spending too much money on D-Mat, but the problem is that they have also shown some interest in J.D. Drew — another Boras client. So now Boras will use there pre-contract investment in D-Mat to extract maximum money for 2 of his clients.

Somehow this feels like it shoould be wrong. It is the Japanese posting system that seems a bit crooked. Boras is simply playing by the rules in place. Really if this all blows up in the Sawx’ face, if they find themselves in mid-August with a mediocre Japanese pitcher struggling to adjust to life in the US of A and a 4.5 ERA and BOTH of their corner outfielders are taking themselves out of the lineup because they just don’t care that much, they have no one to blame but themselves.

What happened to the Sox front office anyway? I thought it was a shrew move to assess a dollar and year value on both Pedro and Damon and not be bullied into changing their minds by big NYC money. But after subsequent moves didn’t seem to work out they have reversed course entirely and are on track to upstage King George in the role of Evil Empire.

If I were Prince Theo I would very publicly deny any interest in Drew until long after D-Mat is locked up. The truth is that if I were any GM I would avoid JD Drew like the plague. I think he is soft and I wouldn’t want him on my team.

I am pretty much glad that the Mets ended up losing out on what I expect will end up being a train wreck for the Red Sox. I just wonder how much the D-Mat deal will drive up Zito’s price. He knows exactly how much the Mets were willing to spend to try to get Matsuzaka. He will clearly be able to leverage their savings on the posting fee to up Zito’s value.

So if the rumors are true that the Red Sox posted a bid between 38 and 45 million for Daisuke Matsuzaka expect Scott Boras to use their desire to acquire J. D. Drew as leverage to actually sign Matsuzaka having the whole theory of they made the insane bid price to prevent the Yankees from getting him blow up in their faces. I can only hope that this will prevent the Padres from obtaining him for their newfound need of a left fielder in which some think that it could be Drew.