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Only hours after I predicted that the owners would start griping about “cost certainty” in the wake of their spending spree and before the end of the current collective bargaining agreement, I see this article on Yahoo Sports. jeff Passan reports on “growing dissent over the CBA.” And quotes Chicago White Sox owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, as saying “I am already lamenting it.”

I realize that the real battling needs to go on between owners, not between owners and players. On the whole, it is clear that MLB is flush with money. The players deserve as much of that money as they can get their hands on. It is not their fault that owners get crazy and pay 10 mil for mediocre pitchers just because everyone else is doing it. That’s the owners fault. If I were the owner of the A’s I’d be more angry with the Rangers owner than with the Union. But then again, if I were the A’s owner I wouldn’t be angry because my team consistenly makes the playoffs because the team isn’t run by fools!

I Called It

If there was any justice in the world J. D. Drew won’t be overpaid by another team and will ruin the confidence all players have in Scott Boras creating once again a better market for teams not willing to overpay for premium talent. Unfortunately Drew fits the description of what the Padres want in a left fielder, but I’m hoping they give a chance to Ben Johnson rather then overpay with the new found money they have found with Klesko & Park no longer eating up 30 million. The problem with Drew in my opinion is his seemingly lack of desire to play. I read an article in mid September where Drew was talking about how he was banged up and needed a break. While he was spouting this hurt the team a little help them a lot later mentality, Kent and Garciaparra were being massaged and taped ready to hobble out and play. There would be no breaks for them if the Dodgers were going to have a chance to win the West or the Wild Card. Who knows if Drew toughed it out maybe they would have won the west and had home field for the first round at least. The other thing and this is why I take more of a management stance, they get paid well. They get paid well to do something I would almost do for free. I could live off of the per diem they give out alone and have no problem flying on private charters and first class hotels. They don’t deserve to get paid as much as they do with perks included. I do think they should be compensated well enough where they don’t need to take on a winter job and can train year round, but when you’re as uninterested in the game as Drew seems to be, why should you even be allowed to play much less have raked in 11 million last year. I hate my job and probably won’t make that in my lifetime. Drew you want to trade jobs?

I’m liking the d-backs new color scheme, it’s about time, but with all the money teams pay out to designers you think they could have done a better job then a cross between San Diego State University Aztecs and the Washington Nationals. Thank god they got rid of their previous colors and those stupid sleeveless jerseys. Something tells me though their fans will be wearing them again in 20 years like me and some Padres fans I know.

I’m batting a thousand! So the Padres acquired Bud Black and I’m excited to see what he can do. I’m not having any of this “a pitcher doesn’t know how to manage” b. s. either.

I am however bummed about the Barfield trade . I liked that kid. I envision shades of Alomar. Now I know Mets fans could care less, but before he got there he was a pretty fine ballplayer, which seems to be lost on Mets fans. I remember when he was traded and always held out hope that when he was a free agent he would re-sign with the Padres but no such luck. I will always hate Joe McIlvaine for that trade. It seems however this regime is taking the same approach that it’s easier to find a second baseman then a third baseman according to Sandy Alderson. It’s also been said because he’s a Scott Boras client that that may have had something to do with it. Note to Padres if you don’t want Scott Boras clients on your roster don’t draft them. I can’t really blame them, I think the game will be a better place when that guys out of the game. None to soon in my opinion, but that’s a rant for another day. I’m also thinking they may have made the trade with an idea of flipping the pitcher they got (Andrew Brown) in a trade for Sheffield. that might be wishful thinking, but I am a Padres fan after all.

My predictive powers are coming to light


For anyone curious to get a look at the Japanese pitcher causing all of the commotion, check it here:

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